This is Jodie Kidd. She has nothing to do with the Association but it's a fine-looking car.

Mahomed Badroodeen dropped by to show us his newly-acquired Mark lV 3.5 litre

Annual General Meeting 2019

This took place at 11:00 am on Saturday 10th August. Venue: 44 Stott Road Prestbury, Pietermaritzburg.

A light lunch was served after the meeting.

Reports follow:



Minutes of AGM held on 10th August 2019

1. Welcome

Elisabeth welcomed everyone, and thanked Gordon and Penny for hosting the AGM. Members present were: Gordon and Penny Hall, Keith and Margaret de Klerk, Colin and Glynnis Melville, Mark Pistorius, Robin Phipson, Werner Lubbinge, William Quigley and Elisabeth Quigley.

2. Apologies

Apologies were taken as granted for the out-of-town members: Jim Ward, Mike Smith and Brian Askew. Other apologies were received from James Guimaraens and Gavin Bacon. Dave Stewart has resigned as a member as he no longer has a Jaguar.

3. Approval of minutes from 21 July 2018 AGM Minutes were approved. Proposed by Gordon Hall, seconded by Keith de Klerk.

4. Matters arising from 21 July 2018 minutes

• If possible, Hes will let Gordon have a report of his visit to the Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust, which can be placed on the club website.

• It was decided to hold on buying stickers and caps for the club.

• Jim’s suggestion of key names for breakdowns in specific provinces never really took off, and thankfully, it seems as though no members seemed to be in trouble or needed rescuing. We will however continue to have a list of member names to contact in emergencies.

6. Chairman’s and Treasurer’s Report

We have had quite a full year, with noggins and events aplenty. Mark will report on these in more detail. Elisabeth thanked the loyal club core, who keep things ticking over.

Membership: Dave Stewart has left the Association, as he no longer has a Jaguar. The Association welcomes Gavin Bacon, who joined during the course of the year, and Werner Lubbe and Mark Odendaal who joined after meeting Mark Pistorius at the Scottburgh car show. All existing members paid their R100 subscriptions, with the exception of Mark, Gordon and Elisabeth who are exempt because of the other work they do for the Association. James Guimaraens paid R100 for 2020.

As usual, thanks go to William for his encouragement and support, Penny and Gordon for their hospitality for noggins, and to Mark for energetically and persistently organising our events, which still far outclass that of many other clubs. Gordon’s website continues to be a source of entertaining and informative articles, keeping everyone in touch with what the association is up to, as well as the latest happenings in the classic car world. Elisabeth presented them each with a small token of appreciation for all their hard work.

Treasurer’s report:

The sock which holds the clubs finances is overdrawn!

We entered the year with a balance of R1383.79. Subscriptions of R1300 took this to a grand total of R2683.79. Then… we had our Christmas party which was a huge amount of fun. The club paid for pizzas and drinks for the whole evening. Elisabeth had asked Crossways to limit the tab to R1800, but they didn’t, so the club guzzled and drank R2519.00 worth of grog and pizza, but it was a fabulous evening where we got to catch up with old members, make friends with new members and get to see those that are seldom able to come on events. We also spent R98 on charcoal and snacks for the Midmar braai. The prizes for the motoring quiz came to R195. In total, therefore, the balance was R2683.79, our expenses were R2812.00, leaving the sock overdrawn by R128.21.

As James paid for 2020, effectively, we are overdrawn by R28.21. It was unanimously decided that subs should be increased to R120 per annum. Elisabeth will communicate with members in this regard, and collect subscriptions.

7. Events Organiser’s Report

Mark delivered a comprehensive report of the events held in the previous year.

8. General Ideas for events for the next year were discussed and noted by Mark for compiling into a new events calendar. This has been finalised and circulated to members by Mark.

9. Committee re-election

It was unanimously agreed that Mark would continue as Events Organiser, Gordon would continue to manage the club website, and Elisabeth would continue as Chairman and Secretary/Treasurer.

10. Any other business

There was no other business.

11. Vote of thanks

12. Close and eat

The meeting closed at 12:15, and we adjourned to savour Penny’s gorgeous breyani and trimmings, and Glynnis’ yummy pudding.

Events report 2019



We had some excellent, interesting events during the last year. These were organised by a variety of people and many thanks are due to all of them.

A brief description of each event held is shown below.

• July 2018. A successful AGM was held at the Quigleys where Elisabeth and Mark were re-elected.

• August. A jolly braai was held at the Hamiltons and was enjoyed by all who attended. Thanks Hes.

• September. The regular Midmar braai was again very successful. A social afternoon was had by all who attended. Arranged by the Quigleys.

• October. Another regular was the visit to and picnic at Cumberland. Very pleasant and enjoyed by those who attended.

• November. A different venue was the drive to and braai at Glen Sheiling. A lovely walk through the forest, braai by the lake side and views of the kingfishers fishing were most enjoyable. (Including special sightings of a half-collared kingfisher which was a first for me.) Thanks to the de Klerks for organising.

• December. A combined Christmas function and reunion for the Smiths was held at Crossways. Pizzas were enjoyed by all. Thanks Elisabeth.

• January 2019. A very informative and interesting visit to Marian Hill Monastery was organised by the Melvilles. Thanks also to Gordon for the transport and Toyota for the goodies.

• February. Everybody who attended the braai under the wonderful shade in Melvilles garden had an excellent time. Glynnis and Colin organised 3 events in quick succession in early 2019 and it is much appreciated. Thank you from all of us.

• March. A second visit to Cumberland was enjoyed by a small group.

• April. Another very successful event was the lunch at Rawdons. This was well attended and great fun.

• May. Another very pleasant braai with all sorts of extras provided by Glynnis was held at the Melvilles. Well done.

• June. Something completely new (for us anyhow) was the motoring quiz held at 68 on Main, Howick. This was great fun. Thanks to Elisabeth for all the hard work.

Keep it up Guys. Without your help this wide range of events would not have been possible. Mark Pistorius